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Rotary Casting Machine Component Manufactured and Shipped.

A rotary casting machine

In November 2021, our company manufactured and shipped a rotary casting machine component for a domestic casting manufacturer.
This machine is used to form copper sheets in the process of making electrolytic copper.

1000T Forging Press Supplied.

1000T forging press

In October 2021, our company supplied a 1000T forging press to a forging plant in Japan.
This press is a hydraulic direct-acting four-column push-down type with a welded frame structure. It was installed to handle increased production and the development of new materials.

Obtained ASME U3 Stamp.

ASME U3 Stamp

Our company has obtained ASME Stamp (S, U, and U2) for our pressure vessels. In September 2021, we were newly assessed and certified for the U3 Stamp (excluding welding, brazing, and thermal spraying).
The newly obtained "U3 Stamp" enables the manufacture of super high pressure vessels of approximately 70 MPa or higher. Only about 50 companies in the world have this stamp, of which only three are in Japan, including our company.
With this certification, we will promote our enhanced competence with our customers and hope to expand our business.

A test metal separator line installed at our shop in Isahaya city.

A test metal separator line installed at our shop in Isahaya city
A new metal separator system

A new metal separator system was installed in our shop in Isahaya city in Mar 2021.
This test line consists of Non-ferrous metal separator and color sorting machine, which separates out aluminum, copper, brass, etc. Sorting test with customer’s sample material can be performed in a wide shop area available.

Promotional video of a crushed waste separator uploaded.

In magnetic separator page in our product info on our website, we have uploaded a promotional video of our crushed waste separator.
This video was produced with support from Recycle Corporation in Chiba Pref, Japan.
Please click on the following URL to watch the video.(Subtitle and audio all in Japanese)

MRB-600 Ring Rolling Mill installed at a forging company in Japan.

MRB-600 Ring Rolling Mill

We completed a commissioning of MRB-600 Ring Rolling Mill for a forging company in Japan in Mar 2021.
With our new automatic rolling control system, the customer has to depend much less on the skills of machine operators. The machine is equipped with an unloading device at the customer’s request that carries the finished ring to a conveyor, which contributes to productivity increase and reduces operator’s workload.

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