In the calibration control room, pressure gauges, dimension measuring equipment, wattmeter, voltmeter, heat treatment temperature measuring instrument are regularly corrected so that correct measuring can be made.
In the material testing room, tensile test, bending test, hardness test and other tests are carried out with the testing equipment corrected by Japan Marine Affairs Association ( Class NK ) to establish method of welding and to confirm welding quality.

Ultrasonic flaw detection up to 100mm thick stainless steel can be made.

As non-destructive testing in manufacturing processes, RT and/or UT shall be made.
We have X-ray penetrating testing equipment which can test materials up to 150 mm thick.
For confirmation of surface quality, PT, MT and VT shall be carried out.

List of inspection equipment
Equipment name Q'ty Max. capacity/dimensions
Ultrasonic flaw detecting tester 5 100V,05-10MHZ
Magnetic particle flaw detecting tester 18 Plotting type (2units ), two-pole type (16units)
Radiation penetrating tester 9 225KVp-450KVp(Phillips)Max. plate thickness 110mm
LINAC for NDT 1 ML-1R3(Mitsubishi Electric) Applicable plate thickness 15~130mm
Ultrasonic thickness meter 3  
All-purpose tester 1 Max. stretch/bending load 2000KN
Tensile tester 1 Max. stretching load 250KN (autograph)
Charpy impact tester 1 30kg-m
Durometer 8 Brinell (3), Vickers (1), Shore (3), Tele-Brineller (1)
Metascope 1 Co,Cr,Cu,Fe,Mg,Mn,Mo,Ni,Pb,Sn,Ti,V,W,Zn
Ferrite meter 2 0~30% Fe(1) , 0.1~60% Fe(1)
Surface roughness measuring machine 2 0.01~25 Ra/0.1~99.9 Rt
Coating gauge 3 Non-ferrous surface 0~1250 (1unit)
Ferrous and non-ferrous surface 0~1200 (1unit)
Max. thickness 500 (1unit)
Automatic ultrasonic flaw detector 1 Outer dia.:φ800~5000mm(head plate:φ2000~φ5000)
Plate thickness:Basic material 50~250mm
Clad and overlay thickness 4~9mm
Detection speed:Max. 150mm/sec
Detection pitch:Max. 15mm
Blacklight for magnetic particle flaw detection 14  

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