20% of the national industrial waste is sewage sludge and this number increases every year, making the costs for sewage sludge disposal an increasingly heavy burden on the local governments’ finances. Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery has solved this problem and has achieved “zero emission” by developing “Methasaurus”. Compared to conventional sewage sludge disposal, this technology reduces the amount of sewage sludge with a maximum of 80%. After this reduction the dehydrated sludge can directly be used as fuel or fertilizer.

The sludge in the hydrothermal reactor undergoes continuous processing at 180 and 10 Atmosphere. By hydrolyzing and solubilizing the organic matter in the sludge through methane fermentation we were able to greatly improve the decomposition rate.

Sewage sludge hydrothermal treatment plant  
tion slurry and
dissolving liquid
  Picture of sludge solubilization

Next, compared to conventional sludge the digested sludge’s dehydration ability is dramatically increased and can now be effectively used as solid fuel.

Sewage sludge hydrothermal treatment plant  
Digestive liquid dehydrated cake  Dehydrated sludge

Through fattening tests, we were able to confirm that it makes an excellent fertilizer, because the dehydrated sludge contains a lot of phosphorus.

(FND) Executed by the Japan Fertilizer and Feed Inspection Association

Hydrothermal reactor principle

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