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MNM made presentations and booth exhibition at IFM 2017. (2017)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had presented two technical papers at IFM 2017 (20th International Forgemasters Meeting) in Austria in September, setting up an exhibition booth also. In the paper presentations, we have introduced the Multi-functional Hydraulic Press we had delivered last year, and the Non-contact Measuring System for ring rolling using imaging sensor technology. Particularly, the Multi-functional Hydraulic Press was a product we have developed in order to comply with the needs for the engine valve higher accuracy and higher quality, which were accompanied with the engine higher output of recent years and the improvement of fuel efficiency leading to the improvement of combustion efficiency, and we had presented improvement effects, comparing the new press with the existing one, showing the actual examples.

20th International Forgemasters Meeting

Plate type heat exchangers repeatedly manufactured and delivered. (2017)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had delivered 2 units of plate type heat exchangers (1 each. Photo left: Wt. approx. 90 ton/Photo right: Wt. approx. 180 ton) repeatedly, in June and in September. We would continue to improve quality further, and work to do our best to maintain the customers’ trust.

Plate type heat exchangers

MNM exhibited at MF-Tokyo 2017 (2017)
MF-Tokyo 2017

In July, “MF-Tokyo 2017/The 5th Metal Forming & Fabricating Fair Tokyo” was held in Tokyo International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight), in which we had also exhibited. On this occasion, we had exhibited in a decoration-adopted booth, showing the videos and the exhibition panels, and using the catalogs of our products and the catalogs of our customers as well for PR.

A “Technical Conference Meeting・Factory Tour” by the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity was held. (2017)
the 98th Technical Conference Meeting・Factory Tour

In June, “the 98th Technical Conference Meeting・Factory Tour” by the Kyushu Branch of the Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity was held in our company. Its theme was titled as “Research trend and future view regarding ring rolling”, with three paper presentations, including the presentation of our own “Approach to ring rolling numerical analysis”. Afterward, the tour of our company factory was carried out.

A 1000 T blanking press was manufactured and delivered. (2017)
1000T blanking press

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had manufactured and delivered a low-noise type 1000 T press for the purpose of ring product blank manufacturing to a domestic forging manufacturer. As the noise from the press is so low, they can make conversations near the press during its operation, leading to the customer’s high evaluation of the press.

Super-high pressure double-pipe manufactured and shipped. (2017)

We are manufacturing the super-high pressure double-pipe. This product is used in a super-high equipment in the petrochemical plant product production process.

Super-high pressure double-pipe

1000 T blanking press manufactured and delivered. (2017)
1000T blanking press

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had manufactured and delivered the 1000 T blanking press. This is the press for rough ring forming for the 800 Φ ring rolling mill, and this press will become the central equipment in the first automatized line that would be used by Messrs. NSK Toyama Co., Ltd. with great expectations. At present, they are making full-scale production, and we are cooperating with them to solve the task toward their mass-production targets.

High-performance “magnetic rotor” for aluminum separator commercialized. (2016)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had developed the high-performance “magnet rotor” for aluminum separator.
This magnetic rotor achieves the aluminum recovery percentage of more than 95%, realizing the high-performance and the lower price.
For increasing the aluminum separator performance, only the magnetic rotor can be replaced, without purchasing the one set of the equipment. As the user’s expense would be less in this case, expansion of scale of replacement market would be expected.

magnetic rotor

Upper part of converter furnace for a steel-manufacturing company manufactured and delivered. (2016)
Upper part of converter furnace

As a part of the aged equipment replacement work in the steel field, we had manufactured and delivered two pieces of upper part of converter furnace body, approximately 70 ton each.

Vibration isolators continuously manufactured and delivered to overseas countries such as India and Thailand. (2016)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had manufactured and delivered three kinds of vibration isolators for forging press with difference specifications to India. As the user will install the isolators themselves, the vibration isolator equipment is constructed from the vibration isolator frame, the coil spring and the viscous damper, devising to simplify the installation work and to improve the safety. The customer had given us a high reputation as the installation work had been completed in a short period of time without any problems. Also, the vibration isolators for the largest size class screw press had been manufactured and delivered in Thailand.

Vibration isolators

Vacuum chamber for a steel-manufacturing company manufactured and delivered. (2016)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had manufactured and delivered the vacuum chamber. corresponding to the needs of the equipment replacement of a steel-manufacturing company. This vacuum chamber, which is one of the equipment in the largest vacuum induction melting furnace in the country, is the equipment refines the metal under vacuum.
As this equipment cannot be ocean-transported, it had to be dismantled to several pieces in land-transportable sizes, and had to be assembled at site. The manufactured total weight was approximately 500 ton. Also, as it is a vacuum equipment, helium leak tests were performed at on-site welding points.

Vacuum chamber

500 T ram moving press delivered. (2016)
500 T ram press

We have delivered the 500 T ram moving press. In addition to the function to have the main cylinder with max. 500 ton pressing capacity traverse, with the ram head rotate 360 degrees, this equipment can correspond to the various shapes correcting.
This press is equipped with the pressure adjustment function and other useful utilities for deformation correcting work and plate bending work.

Magnetic separator/aluminum separator combined equipment delivered. (2016)
Magnetic separator

We have delivered the magnetic separator/aluminum separator combined equipment delivered.
This is the equipment that, after collecting the magnetic matters, collects such non-ferrous metals as copper and aluminum by the high-performance aluminum separator.
In the processing line, this takes the important role of separating equipment collecting the valuables from the wastes.

Handling manipulator for ring rolling mill automatic line developed. (2015)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery, as the forging press and ring rolling mill manufacturer, had developed the world’s first “handling manipulator”.
By the combination of the linkage mechanism and the hydraulic servo, the automatic inserting of the hot material to the ring rolling mill can be made at high speed with high accuracy. This developed machine has the manipulating capacity of maximum weight 500 kg and maximum outer diameter 600 mm. Also, by the intercommunication via wireless LAN between the ring rolling mill and the handling manipulator, the latest operating specification using a tablet terminal is realized. This makes it possible that the ring rolling mill automatic line can be provided as a package. We are certain that this could be helpful for the user’s productivity improvement.

ring rolling mill automatic line

180 ton steel reception cart for steel manufacturing industry delivered and installed. (2015)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery had delivered and installed a 180 ton steel reception cart for steel manufacturing industry.
This equipment would carry the ladle, receive the molten iron reduced from the electric furnace thereafter, make primary refining by LF facility, and make the transportation up to the front of the RH degassing apparatus.

180 ton steel reception cart

Completed delivery of our next generation manipulator . (2015)
MRB-3000 Ring mill

This Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery’s next generation 50tm manipulator greatly improves productivity and is capable of handling products large and small, making excellent use of its detachable “long arm”. Compared to our conventional type, acceleration has increased by 35% and rotational torque has been improved by 25%. In addition to this, the stopping precision has also increased. This results in shorter forging time and reduction of number of heats. In other words, better efficiency and reduced process time. The weight reduction of the manipulator and the smaller motor leads to a power usage reduction of approximately 23%.

Exhibiting and presenting at the 19th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014) . (2014)

We were present with a booth at the 19th International Forgemasters Meeting held at the Makuharimesse in Tokyo, and made 2 technical presentations. We introduced our fully automatic, 24 hours a day continuously operational inline press & manipulator installed at an American special steel manufacturer. Furthermore we introduced the MRB3000 (Radial force 1050 ton, Axial force 800 ton), the strongest ring rolling mill in Japan at the moment. The MRB3000 is designed to roll large super-alloy steel products using MNM’s in-house developed software.

The 19th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014)

Grand presentation of on the sewage exhibition . (2013)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery was present on the 4 day event “Sewage Works Exhibition ’13 Tokyo” which was the staging area for the grand presentation of our environmental plant Methasaurus.
Our booth was visited frequently by many people; especially our Methasaurus special technology seminar was popular and racked up a crowd of over 100 people every time.

Exhibited at the “Metal forming and fabricating fair Tokyo” . (2013)
MRB-3000 Ring mill

In July at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition hall in Tokyo, the MF-Tokyo 2013 Metal forming and fabricating fair was held, and Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery was there as well.
Next to our other machines we also introduced the world’s strongest ring rolling mill, a MRB-3000, and introduced our φ1000 mm test ring rolling mill

Manufactured and delivered a MRB-3000 Ring mill, one of the world’s largest in pressure force . (2013)

This MRB-3000 has the world’s largest pressure force and its main function is the forging and forming of rings for the aerospace industry.

MRB-3000 Ring mill

Introducing MNM’s forging machinery to Thailand and Vietnam . (2013)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery’s forging presses and ring rolling mills were introduced to at the “Manufacturing Expo 2013” in Bangkok in June and the “MTA Vietnam 2013” in Ho Chi Minh in July.

MRB-3000 Ring mill

Delivered and Manufactured a fully automatic 3000 Ton inline press for an American Customer . (2013)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery has designed and manufactured a fully automatic 3000 ton inline press, a 9.1 ton manipulator and various material handling equipment to an American special steel manufacturer.
This equipment improves center soundness of base material and improves yield rate.

A fully automatic 3000 Ton inline press

Started test operation of environmental plant . (2013)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery’s environmental plant has started test operation at the East Nagasaki sewage treatment plant from January 2013.
It has enough processing power which is enough to handle the output of influx sewage (10,000 m3/day) by the East Nagasaki sewage treatment plant. It is possible for this plant to use sludge cake as fuel for thermal power generation and because the abundance of phosphorus it can also be used directly as fertilizer.
The entire thermal energy usage of the plant can be covered by the biogas produced during processing ensuring zero Co2 emission.


awarded with the big Kyūshū environmental business’“excellence award” . (2012)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki machinery’s Methasaurus was awarded with the “Kyūshū environmental business award” by the Kyūshū environment & recycling industry exchange plaza (K-RIP) for making an outstanding product to help solve the world’s environmental problems.
K-RIP is network of academia, industry and government working together to support environmental businesses and to encourage the environmental and recycling industry in Kyūshū.

figure will be conpleted

After the Anzenkigan ceremony of the B-DASH project, construction started on . (2012)
safety celemony nagasaki city's Tanoue mayor

On July 2nd the Anzenkigan ceremony (Shinto safety ceremony) was performed for the B-DASH project (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism`s Innovative sewage technology demonstration project). A total of 54 people attended, Nagasaki city, 10 people represented by mayor Taue and other involved personnel, as well as Nagasaki prefecture, the Nagasaki institute of applied science and the staff from our company’s environmental plant department. At the ceremony after the priest prayed for the safety of the project and the safety of the project’s workers, mayor Taue, as the members’ representative, gave a welcome speech where he expressed his expectance that this project will spread. The next person to speak was the contractors’ representative, our company’s president Mr. Shiraishi, who promised full effort and said that one of the goals was the completion of Methasaurus with no accidents.


received the 38th Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers’ award . (2012)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki machinery’s "METHASAURUS", following the acceptance into the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s B-DASH project of April this year, received the 38th Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers’ award.


, the next-generation innovative new technology, is chosen to be part of the Japanese governments’“B-DASH” project . (2012)

(B-DASH = Breakthrough by Dynamic Approach in Sewage High Technology)


In April 2011, Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery’s environmental plant “Methasaurus”,was recognized as a Next-generation innovative technology. Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd. was subsequently awarded with a New Technology Research Achievement Certificate.
Next, in April 2012, it was accepted into the “Innovative sewage technology demonstration project” of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, aimed at commercializing and promoting new technology, as well as supporting the overseas expansion of sewage business.
As a joint government, business and academia project, Nagasaki city, Nagasaki prefecture, the Nagasaki institute of applied science and our company have worked together and installed “METHASAURUS” at the East Nagasaki Sewage Treatment plant. It will be fully operational from January 2013.
“METHASAURUS” is a technology which, through hydrothermal processing and methane fermentation, produces fuel and organic fertilizer from sewage sludge, greatly reduces the amount of excess sludge, and realizes “Zero greenhouse gas Emission”

Delivery of 1000 ton forging press completed. Forging speed of 100 SPM achieved. (2012)

In the end of March 2012, Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Mfg. Co., Ltd. delivered a 1000 ton forging press and a 5 tm Manipulator. In actual forging operation, we have achieved 100 SPM whilst applying a pressing force of 160 ton. 100 SPM means that it performs 100 strikes per minute, in other words, one strike takes just 0.6 seconds. In addition to that, we have improved the manipulator so it can keep up with the high-speed press.

press and manupirator

is awarded the “New Sewage Technology Research Achievement Certificate”. (2011)

Experts from industry, academia and government have recognized the “sewage sludge energy conversion and volume reduction through hydrothermal processing technology (Methasaurus)” co-developed by the Kajima Corporation, the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology and Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery Ltd Co., Mfg. as a “new technology” and awarded it with the “New Technology Research Achievement Certificate”. Following this the local municipality was approved the installation of “Methasaurus” and was eligible for a national subsidy.

Manufacture and delivery of one of the worlds largest free forging presses, a 13000 ton press, and 450 tm manipulator. (2010)

Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery has built and delivered a 13000 ton forging press and a 450 tm manipulator.
This machine is capable of handling ingots with a maximum weight of 600 ton and a maximum height of 3 meter and is one of the largest hydraulic forging machines in the world.


The commissioned development project “Extraction equipment to extract useful components from chickens’ inedible byproducts” completed. (2009)

This project is a commissioned development project from the Japan Science and Technology Agency. In conventional environment plants, the only thing recovered is crude protein. However, the goal of this project is develop a plant that can produce a high quality product through the hydrothermal processing of the chickens’ inedible byproducts, the low-molecularization of protein into amino-acid and peptide, with additional functions (restriction of blood pressure increase, anti-oxidizing properties, increase of livestock feed conversion efficiency, etc.) The project was completed and at the project leader’s evaluation meeting it was rated a success.


Started joint research on sewage sludge energy conversion and volume reduction. (2008)

Together with the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology and the Kajima Corporation, the cooperation of the city of Nagasaki (Mayor: Tomihisa Taue) and the support of The Eighteenth Bank, Ltd. (President, Representative Executive Officer and Director: Masatoshi Miyawaki), Mitsubishi Nagasaki Machinery has set up a demonstration plant for the “joint research on sewage sludge energy conversion and volume reduction” at the West Nagasaki Sewage Treatment plant. This plant converts sludge from the sewage treatment plant, which cleans wastewater discharged from households, into biogas and reduces industrial waste discharge or processing cost of sludge with 60 ~ 80%. Our company intends to spread this system to Sewage treatment plants across the nation.