Overlay welding on shell/head plates

・Minimum possible diameter:1600 mm
・Maximum possible length:7000 mm
・Welder in use (ESW/SAW) band width:50~75 mm

Two electrode submerge
welding machine

Automatic TIG overlay welding for small-diameter nozzles

・Minimum possible diameter:50 mm
・Maximum possible length:1400 mm
・Material for overlay welding:Various stainless steel, nickel-based alloys (Inconel, Hastelloy, Monell, etc.)

MIG overlay welding for inside nozzles

・Minimum possible diameter:200 mm
・Maximum possible length:1400 mm
・Material for overlay welding:Various stainless steel, Inconel
Welding robot Large heat treatment furnace
Bogie hearth furnaceWater quenching tank Central control room of heat treatment
Plate quenching pressShot blast shop
 List of welding equipment
Equipment name Q'ty Max. capacity/dimensions
Electron beam welder 1 In-chamber dimension W 2500mmL 2500mmH 2500mm, output 50kw
TIG welding robot 1 350A
Four-point simultaneous fillet welder 1 360A4
Electro-slag welder 1 1500A2
MIG Welder for narrow groove 2 500A
Weld manipulator 6 Horiz. Stroke 4000mm, Vert. Stroke 4000mm
    〃   6000mm,    〃   4000mm
SAW welding stage for L-shape 2 Max. dia. 6000m/m
SAW welding stage for circle circumference 1 Max. dia. 6000m/m
Boom welder 1 500A2,horiz. Stroke 5500mm
Submerge arc welder 10 1500A (3 electrodes, 1unit), 1000A (4units)
Band arc welder 3 1500A
Semi-automatic welder 13 350A (80units), 500A (50units), 600A (9units)
TIG Welder 35 300A (30units), 500A (5units)
Pipe end sealing welder 1 300A
Overlay welder for inner surface with small diameter 2 Min. Dia. 2" L 1500
Plasma gouging 4 600A
 List of heat treatment equipment
Equipment name Q'ty Max. capacity/dimensions
Large annealing furnace 1 W 8000mmL 13000mmH 7000mm Temp. 800℃ Load weight 150ton
Middle annealing furnace 1 W 4000mmL 7000mmH 2000mm Temp. 1100℃ Load weight 40ton
Small annealing furnace 1 W 2000mmL 5000mmH 1600mm Temp. 1100℃ Load weight 15ton
Continuous furnace 1 W 2500mmL 17800mmH 900mm Temp. 900℃ Load weight 2.5ton
Box electric furnace 1 W 2100mmL 3800mmH 1400mm Temp. 700℃ Load weight 10ton
Small electric furnace 1 Dia.1000mmDepth 1000mm Temp. 1100 ℃ Load weight 1ton
Quenching tank (water) 1 W 3000mmL 5000mmDepth 3000mm
Quenching tank (oil) 1 Dia.3200mmDepth 6000mm

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