10000 ton press

10000 ton press

Capable of u-shaped bending up to 9 meters in length!
No problem with bending a shell plate in one seam!
Capable of forming of hemispherical head plate!
  (Maximum forming capacity:plate thickness 300mm, radius 4,500mm, length 9,000mm)

・Longitudinal welding of steel pipes
・Square steel tubes(up to 9,000mm)
・Thick shell plate for reactor(up to 250mm)
・Hemispherical head plate
・Forming of petal shape head plate
Example: bending of
pressure vessel shell plate
(Cr-Mo steel, 176mm thick)
Example: bending of
hydraulic cylinder
(SS400 steel, 270mm thick)
Example: bending of
hemispherical head

1200 ton press

Bending roll

NC plasma cutting machine

50t positioner

welding stage

Cutting robot

。。List of fabrication equipment
Equipment name Q'ty Max. capacity/dimensions
10000ton forming press 1 Stroke 2570mm, daylight 5700mm, Max. W 6550mm
1200ton oil hydraulic plate bending press 1 Stroke 800mm, daylight 1500mm, table 6500mm3000mm
Bending rollers 1 t 45mmW 8000mm
NC gas cutting machine 2 W 4200mmL 15000mm
Electro-discharge cutting machine 1 300A cutting dimensions W 1000mmH 450mm
Plasma cutting machine 2 100type (SUS t20mm), 150type (SUS t40mm)
Air plasma cutting machine 1 SUS t20mm
Pipe hole cutter 3 φ80mm~φ900mm
IK cutting machine 8   
Eisele sawing machine 7   
Pipe cutting machine 1 φ300~φ2300mm
Positioner 10 5500kg (2units), 1000kg (2units), 5000kg (1unit)
30kg (2units for chamber), 500kg (2 for RBC) 50000kg
Turning table 1 20tonφ5000mm
Table lifter 14 Fore sliding type H4M (2units), H5.5M (2units)
Lifting up/down only H4M (6units), H5M (4units)
Hydraulic pump 3 2units 300kg/〓G(101/min) 1000kg/cm2(21/min)
Turning roller (drive force)
  80ton or less
  70ton or less
Shot blast painting facilities 1 W 10000mmH 11000mmL 45000mm 160ton
Surface plate for propeller machining 2 Weight 100ton  L 13000mm

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