Forging Press & Ringrolling Mill
Forging Press
Ring Rolling Mill
news  ■Super-high pressure double-pipe manufactured and shipped! (2017)
news  ■1000 T blanking press manufactured and delivered! (2017)
■High-performance “magnetic rotor” for aluminum separator commercialized! (2016)
■Upper part of converter furnace for a steel-manufacturing company manufactured and delivered! (2016)
■Vibration isolators continuously manufactured and delivered to overseas countries such as India and Thailand! (2016)
■Vacuum chamber for a steel-manufacturing company manufactured and delivered! (2016)
■500 T ram moving press delivered! (2016)
■Magnetic separator/aluminum separator combined equipment delivered! (2016)
■Handling manipulator for ring rolling mill automatic line developed! (2015)
■180 ton steel reception cart for steel manufacturing industry delivered and installed! (2015)
■Completed delivery of our next generation manipulator ! (2015)
■Exhibiting and presenting at the 19th International Forgemasters Meeting (IFM2014) ! (2014)
■Grand presentation of on the sewage exhibition ! (2013)
■Exhibited at the “Metal forming and fabricating fair Tokyo” ! (2013)
■Manufactured and delivered a MRB-3000 Ring mill, one of the world’s largest in pressure force ! (2013)
■Introducing MNM’s forging machinery to Thailand and Vietnam ! (2013)
■Delivered and Manufactured a fully automatic 3000 Ton inline press for an American Customer ! (2013)
■Started test operation of environmental plant ! (2013)
awarded with the big Kyūshū environmental business’ “excellence award” ! (2012)
■After the Anzenkigan ceremony of the B-DASH project, construction started on ! (2012)
received the 38th Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers’ award ! (2012)
, the next-generation innovative technology, chosen to be part of the Japanese governments’ “B-DASH” project ! (2012)
■Delivery of 1000 ton forging press completed Forging speed of 100 SPM achieved! (2012.3)
is awarded the “New Sewage Technology Research Achievement Certificate” ! (2011)
■Manufacture and delivery of one of the worlds largest free forging presses, a 13.0000 ton press, and 450 TM manipulator ! (2010)
■The commissioned development project “Extraction equipment to extract useful components from chickens’ inedible byproducts” completed ! (2009)
■Started joint research on sewage sludge energy conversion and volume reduction ! (2008)